Although the State of NC does not require certification or regulate Pet Crematories, we feel that the integrity and quality of
our cremations is of utmost importance. We are one of the few if not only Pet Crematories in the nation go beyond the
standard quality of pet and human cremations for our customers: Which means your pet is alone in the chamber and using
high heat extraction machines to remove the cremains avoiding intermingled ashes of others and assuring a high integrity of
ashes returned to you.

Code of Ethics

As a business owner and operator of a pet cremation facility, we accept the following Code of Ethics developed by the
International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories.
We believe that in all of our business dealings the following to be fair and equitable principles and practices and we
subscribe thereto:
1. We pledge to uphold the highest standard, always striving to raise the level of the profession.
2. We will perform all services in a dignified manner showing the compassion, sympathetic understanding, and
genuine concern required.
3. We will respect the confidence of every family served.
4. We will never mix ashes, misrepresent an individual cremation, or return to the owner anything more or less than
their pet ashes.
5. We will not pay any commission, renumeration or gratuity to others for referrals, contacts or business.
6. We will not use any method of advertising, sales presentation or persuasion which conceals, evades, or mis-states
a material fact.
7. We will comply with all federal, state and local laws.
8. We will maintain our own individual price policy.
9. We will maintain adequate financial and service records.