Cremation Process

Our cremation units are funeral home quality only smaller in scale. They are fueled by natural gas for reliability and efficiency, and they were built to meet government standards regarding emissions and air quality.  We operate four of these units on a regular basis and all cremations, both private and communal, are done locally at our facility on US Hwy 421.

The average cremation takes two to three hours and results in bone fragments that are vacuumed from the unit. The remains are processed to a powder like consistency and placed in our standard wooden urn.

Pet owners are welcome to be present for the cremation from start to finish. In fact, we encourage pet owners to avoid any crematorium that does not allow owners to be present during this service.  However, these attended cremations must be scheduled based on our availability of equipment and staff. There is an additional fee for these special appointments.

For questions or other concerns about the cremation process please contact us

5104 US Highway 421 North, Wilmington, NC 28401

Cell: 910.262.0464

Phone: 910.762.7525